Thursday, February 4, 2010

What We Carry

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Says Uncle recently posted a meme that had been started by Marko about what we carry every day. When it comes to preparedness, the items you carry in your pockets or otherwise on your person essentially comprise a "bare bones" survival kit.

My list includes my wallet, iPhone, a Para Ordnance 14.45 with 185 grain Speer Gold Dots, a Camillus Blaze pocket knife, business card holder and reading glasses (I'm getting old) along with the standard wallet and loose pocket change. In my wallet I also have a thin metal bottle opener the size of a credit card. I don't carry a flashlight, but I do have a lighter. Between that and my iPhone I figure I've got emergency illumination covered. I also have a pack that is generally on me or nearby in my car with many more essential items in it, including a first aid kit.

What do you carry in your pockets every day?

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