Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ModGear Tactical Magazine Chest Rig

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Our Tactical Magazine Chest Rig is outfitted with many features that make it a great value for those needing a modular vest with integral magazine pouches.

By taking a cue from the SOTech’s BLoCS and adding a padded harness and a sewn- in hydration bladder pocket, the Tactical Magazine Chest Rig supports a full combat load of ammunition without adding a single pouch.

The front opening rack secures with snaps and hook and loop closures. The removable bib secures to the top of the rack by hook and loop and to the harness via straps with snaps. The harness attaches to the front of the rack with two side release buckles, and at the rear with three adjustable straps with ladderlocs on each side. The Removable bib also features PALS webbing and an internal pocket.

The harness features a built in drag handle that tucks out of the way with a small piece of hook and loop above the Hydration bladder pocket. The Hydration pocket secures with hook and loop and the lid has a small piece of hook and loop tape perfect for morale patches or name tapes.

The internal map pockets also ingeniously double as a mesh lining for the magazine rack system.

The six built in magazine pouches can hold the standard M16 magazine or AK mags. Some of our customers have even used it for 10/22 and M14 magazines. Magazine retention is accomplished by holding most of the magazine deep pocket in the and is backed up by a bungee cord retention strap.

This rig is very adjustable and can be adapted to either fit over your body armor or be worn as a stand-alone rig.

This vest has rugged construction far beyond its price point, with nice stitching and quality material. There are enough MOLLE compatible PALS type webbing on this carrier to add any and all pouches you would ever need. There are 3 rows and 9 columns on each side of the rack and 3 rows and 4 columns on the bib. The Harness shoulder area has 2 rows and 3 columns and the hydration pouch has 5 columns and 6 rows.

There are some drawbacks to this chest rig. Any heavy pouches attacked to the MOLLE compatible webbing on the rack may sag if there is no magazine behind that pouch in the internal magazine pocket. This is only noticeable with the heaviest of items and only when the magazine is removed. It is also not available in MultiCam at this time.

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