Friday, February 12, 2010

E-Postal Matches

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Snow is still on the ground, but spring is fast approaching, and with spring comes shooting matches! Don't have a match near you? No problem! Cheaper Than Dirt! is teaming up with Mr Completely to host a series of E-Postal matches where you can compete with whatever gun you have, whether it's an airgun, a rifle, or a pistol. Each match is hosted by a different gun blogger who will create their own target and set out the rules and procedure for shooting it. Simply print out the target and the rules for that match and head out to your local range!

I'll let Mr Completely explain the rest:

The e-Postal match series is starting up on the 1st. of March, and the first match will be hosted right here by yours truly. We will have one match a month clear through next November.

For those of you unfamiliar with the e-Postal match series, here's how it works: Each month a different gun blog will host the match. The host will think up the target and make it available for download. You can usually expect something challenging, harder than it looks, and more often than not like something you've never seen before! In short, lots of fun!

The rules and course of fire will be on the host's blog. You download the target, print out the rules, and head out to the range. After shooting the targets, you either scan them, or take a digital picture of them, and email them to the e-Postal match host. Once the match is closed, the host will tabulate the scores and post them on the host's blog. What do you win? Nothing but bragging rights, so that tends to keep everyone honest!

However, this year we have a big surprise! Cheaper Than Dirt (You DO follow their website for good ammo prices, accessories, their blog, and a ton of other resources, don't you?) has generously donated a $50 gift certificate to each month's e-Postal match, to be awarded by random drawing to one of that month's entrants. Still no incentive to fudge on your scores, but quite an incentive to send in several entries, each shot with a different gun, of course!

All the details will be with the rules on the first match of the year, coming up right here in a few weeks.

Mr. Completely makes his home on Whidbey Island in Northwest Washington with his wife and fellow blogger, KeeWee, and their rabbit “Bun”. He organizes the annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno, Nevada, and also runs regular e-postal matches coordinated with other bloggers.

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