Thursday, September 24, 2009

AR Slings and Sling Swivels

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In today's installment in our series on the AR-15 rifle, we're going to talk about slings. Slings aren't just a handy way to carry your rifle hands free, they also provide additional stabilization (and therefore increased accuracy) for your rifle when used properly. There are a few different types of slings for AR rifles. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Single-Point Slings
Not limited to use only with ARs, single-point slings are one of the most commonly used types of slings in Law Enforcement and Military environments. The ease of use and speed at which it can be installed and removed from the rifle is unequaled. A nice advantage of this kind of sling is that they usually contain some kind of elastic material so that you can move your slung weapon freely and comfortably without having to make any adjustments to the sling itself. Some find the elasticity to be somewhat irritating, however, because the weapon has a tendency to bounce around if not secured. If you feel that a single-point sling is for you, check out our CQB Sniper Sling, pictured to the left.

Two-Point Slings
Two-point slings are most common among hunters that just need a plain sling to carry their AR or other hunting rifle from a vehicle or house to the blind and back. This type of sling can also make for a formidable tactical sling as well, and is one of the oldest style of slings. If a two-point sling appeals to you, take a look at our Tapco Sling System, or our Butler Creek Comfort Sling.

Three-Point Slings
Perhaps the most versatile of all "tactical" slings, three-point slings are arguably the most popular AR slings. These are the slings that most people think of when they hear the terms "tactical sling" or "SWAT sling." They can be used in man different carry positions including, but not limited to: off-side drop, military patrol ready, port arms, rear sweep, climbers carry, and hasty carry (common two-point carry position). If you need a three-point sling, look at our AR-15 Tactical Sling, the Ultimate Assault Rifle Sling, the Three-Point Tactical Sling, and the Mako Commando Sling.

Sling Mounts
If you plan on using a single-point sling, you'll need the appropriate mount. One of our best single-point mounts are the Yankee Hill Ambidextrous Carbine Sling Mount, pictured to the right.

Two-point and three-point slings can sometimes require different mounts than the ones you might already have on your weapon. Our best two-point and three-point sling mounts are the ProMag Picatinny Rail and the GG&G "Sling Thing".

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