Saturday, April 3, 2010

E-Postal Match "Seein' Stars" Results

Mr. Completely has posted the results for the first e-postal match of the year. Congratulations goes out to Ol' Rich for his spectacular shooting!

The results are in, and we had 41 entries, a record number, which is particularly cool since it's only the first e-Postal match of the year, and the first one each year always seems to have a smaller number of entries.

We received four entries from the North Dakota State University Shooting club, and we we all want to warmly welcome them to our e-Postal match series. Although their scores look low, it turned out that they had to shoot their targets at fifty feet, rather than the twenty five feet or ten yards minimum set by the rules, so their scores would probably be doubled from the closer distance.

We also had a new shooter by the name of Ol' Rich, and he shot some excellent scores. Next month he will be required to shoot the match in total darkness with his back to the target and a milk bucket over his head! Just kidding!! Excellent shooting, Rich.

Phil from the Random Nuclear Strikes blog took several of his co-workers out to the range and let them all shoot some entries. How about YOUR co-workers? Why not take a group out to the range for next month's match?

Scores By Class

PlacescoreNameHandgun TypeClass
Rimfire - Iron Sight
1265Ol' RichS&W Mod. 41 .221
2245Texas MikeBrowning Buckmark .221
3165BillllRuger Mk. I .221
4150StahlmanGCS&W Mod. 41 .221
5130ManfredColt Target Semi-Auto .221
6130FATWHITEMANRuger Mk. II 5.5" Bull BBL1
7110True Blue SamRuger Single Six .221
8100Sandcastle SILRuger Single Six .221
970MerleRuger SSS 9.5" .22Mag1
1070MerleS&W 4" Kit Gun .221
1165Henry D.Ruger Mk. II 10" .221
1265RNS PhilRuger Mk. II 10" .221
1355YemayaRuger Mk. II 10" .221
1450Jade R.Walther P22 .221
1545PaulaRuger Mk. II .221
1645Bill R.Ruger Mk. I .221
1740MerleRuger Std. 4 5/8" .221
1840Mr. CCBCCRuger 22/45 .221
1935Mrs. True Blue SamRuger Single Six .221
2035DannoRuger 22/45 .221
2135Kyle (NDSU)Ruger GP-1001
2230Dylan P.Ruger Mk. II 10" .221
2330Ben (NDSU)Browning Buckmark .221
2415AJ (NDSU)Browning Buckmark .221
255John (NDSU)Browning Buckmark .221
Rimfire - Optic sight
1240Mr. CompletelyHigh Standard2
2235JimmyBRuger Mk. II2
Centerfire - Iron Sight
1260Ol' RichGlock G34 9mm3
2120StahlmanGCS&W M&P Pro 9mm.3
3105BillllCZ-82 9x183
465HaskovezGlock G17 Gen. 4 9mm.3
550Lyle A.Ruger SR9 9mm3
650DannoSig P2253
740Sandcastle QueenCZ-82 9x183
Centerfire - Optic Sight
1280Ol' RichGlock G22 .40 /J-Point4
CF Revolver - Iron Sight
195MooseS&W .45LC Revolver5
240Rob L.S&W 642 .38SPL5
CF Revolver - Optic Sight
1110StahlmanGCS&W Mod. 666
Target Pistol - Full Optics
1105ManfredColt Target Semi-Auto .227
250MerleRuger Mk. II .227

Overall Scores

scoreNameHandgun TypeClass
280Ol' RichGlock G22 .40 /J-Point4
265Ol' RichS&W Mod. 41 .221
260Ol' RichGlock G34 9mm3
245Texas MikeBrowning Buckmark .221
240Mr. CompletelyHigh Standard2
235JimmyBRuger Mk. II2
165BillllRuger Mk. I .221
150StahlmanGCS&W Mod. 41 .221
130ManfredColt Target Semi-Auto .221
130FATWHITEMANRuger Mk. II 5.5" Bull BBL1
120StahlmanGCS&W M&P Pro 9mm.3
110True Blue SamRuger Single Six .221
110StahlmanGCS&W Mod. 666
105BillllCZ-82 9x183
105ManfredColt Target Semi-Auto .227
100Sandcastle SILRuger Single Six .221
95MooseS&W .45LC Revolver5
70MerleRuger SSS 9.5" .22Mag1
70MerleS&W 4" Kit Gun .221
65HaskovezGlock G17 Gen. 4 9mm.3
65Henry D.Ruger Mk. II 10" .221
65RNS PhilRuger Mk. II 10" .221
55YemayaRuger Mk. II 10" .221
50MerleRuger Mk. II .227
50Lyle A.Ruger SR9 9mm3
50Jade R.Walther P22 .221
50DannoSig P2253
45PaulaRuger Mk. II .221
45Bill R.Ruger Mk. I .221
40MerleRuger Std. 4 5/8" .221
40Rob L.S&W 642 .38SPL5
40Mr. CCBCCRuger 22/45 .221
40Sandcastle QueenCZ-82 9x183
35Mrs. True Blue SamRuger Single Six .221
35DannoRuger 22/45 .221
35Kyle (NDSU)Ruger GP-1001
30Dylan P.Ruger Mk. II 10" .221
30Ben (NDSU)Browning Buckmark .221
15AJ (NDSU)Browning Buckmark .221
5John (NDSU)Browning Buckmark .221

There is also a random drawing for a $50 Cheaper Than Dirt gift certificate for everyone who entered this month's e-Postal match. I will delay the drawing for a couple of days just in case someone's entry never arrived or I screwed up and didn't get you into the results. If you sent in an entry and you are not in the above results, email me ASAP and we'll get it sorted out before the drawing, which will be on Monday.

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