Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October E-Postal Match

The September E-Postal match deadline has been extended through this weekend, and the October E-Postal match is already up and running so you can download and print out both targets and shoot two matches at the range this weekend. US Citizen from the Traction Control blog is hosting this month's E-Postal match.

Read the rules and download this month's target below:

October’s e-Postal Match is up at Traction Control.

This month is Circles.

The target target22 circles x20 is here.

Fire 20 Rounds – unsupported – at a distance of 7 yards (21 feet)  – shots touching the center dots score 3X, 1 X for circle hits.

(Max score 60 per target).

Enter with name (to be posted) and firearm details (type, caliber, distance) to accompany your entry.  One entry per shooter, per gun. You can enter with as many guns as you want!

Scan or photo your targets and send to USCitizen@Well-RegulatedMilitia.org to be posted in the final scores by midnight on October 31, 2010!

Happy Halloween!


1. Rimfire

a. optics

b. no optics

2. Centerfire

a. optics

b. no optics

To even the scoring, for optical sights vs. no optics – i.e., iron sights, scores from the optics classes will be reduced by 20%.

Good luck and Shoot safe!

And remember to send your targets in by midnight on Halloween night!

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