Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September E-Postal

True Blue Sam The Travelin’ Man is this month’s host of our E-Postal match series. He’s got a devious target designed with a pack of coyotes surrounding a hen and henhouse. The premise is simple: hit each coyote twice, once off hand and once from a rest, and avoid hitting the henhouse and the hen.

True Blue Sam explains the rules below:

You’re sipping your coffee early one morning, and as you look out the back door, you see your favorite rooster about to do battle with a pack of coyotes that has invaded your farmyard. He’s a tough rooster, but he’s no match for a coyote, so you grab the nearest shooting iron and let one fly to stop the attack, and follow up with a kill shot. To shoot this match, CLICK HERE to download the target (*.PDF). Shoot once offhand (one or both hands), then once with a support, at each coyote. Use any type of improvised rest which simulates resting against a doorframe or window ledge. This can be a monopod, bipod, shooting bench, side brace, etc. A touch will count for three points, and a solid hit (Half or more inside the line) counts as five points. Hits on the chicken house count as one negative point. If you goof and hit your rooster, well, take the family out for a chicken dinner. At least the coyotes didn’t eat him.

Shoot this contest at 25 feet with a pistol, 50 feet with a rifle, and 15 feet with a smooth bore BB gun. If you must shoot at different distances at your shooting range, provide the distance with your target scan, and I will adjust your score proportionately. (Shoot with a rifle at 300 feet, and your score will be increased 6 times.)

Class I: Rimfire with iron sights
Class II: Rimfire with optics
Class III: Centerfire with iron sights
Class IV:Centerfire with optics
Class V: Rimfire with iron sights
Class VI: Rimfire with optics
Class VII: Centerfire with iron sights
Class VIII: Centerfire with optics
BB, Airsoft, and etc:
Class IX: Iron sights
Class X: Optics
More: You shoot it, and I will score it!
Scan or photograph your targets and e-mail them to: Truebluetravelinman (at) gmail (dot) com
If you have difficulty with Google Documents, e-mail me, and I will send the pdf directly to you.
Please send your entries in by midnight, September 30, 2010.
Make it an outing for family and friends, and have a good time shooting.
Every entry in Mr. Completely’s e-Postal contest is eligible to win a $50 gift certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt, so take several guns with you to the range and enter multiple times to improve your odds!

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