Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May E-Postal Match Results

Danno over at Sandcastle Scrolls broke his web page… BUT, he’s got the results for this month’s E-Postal match up, you’ve just got to scroll quite a ways down in order to see them.

Here are the results in a much condensed format.

Good shooting everyone. Thanks for the entries.

The June contest is now up at Random Nuclear Strikes.

May 2010 ePostal “Throwing Darts” results
Class 1 – Rimfire Pistol, iron sights
1Ol’ Rich in Central VAStock S&W Model 41313
2Engineering JohnsonRuger Single Six213
3BillllRuger Mk 1206
4Leon (France)Walther P22189
5Justin R.Ruger Single Six1881st Time Shooter
6DannoRuger .22/45183
7PaulaRuger Mk 1182
8TrueBlueSamRuger Single Six179
9Mrs TBSRuger Single Six156
10Mr. CompletelyJennings J2287
11DannoRuger Single Six61
12Mr. CCBCCRuger Single Six45
Class 2 – Rimfire Pistol, Optic sights
1Mr. CompletelyHigh Standard w/home made 12″ barrel
Leupold Scope
2EJRuger Mk III with optics220
3Mariner1460Buckmark Pistol, RedDot scope164
4MerleRuger Mk 2, Tasco rifle scope110
Class 3 – Centerfire pistol, iron sights
1Ol’ Rich in Central VAGlock 34 9MM281
2MerleRuger Speed Six213
3MerleEnfield No.2 British Revolver205
5MerleS&W M3913LS176
6MerleCz-82 (9mm Mak)176
7DannoTaurus PT-92149
8Todd L.Colt Series 70 45ACP116
Class 4 – Centerfire pistol, optic sights
1Todd L.40 Cal. Glock 22 with match barrel and
JPoint sight
Class 5 – Rimfire Rifle, Iron sights
1DannoSchultz & Larsen .22185
2Mariner1460Ruger 10/22148
Class 6 – Rimfire Rifle, Optic sights
1EJSavage Mark II with optics/Wolf match ammo252
2Leon (France)Cz452 Varmint w/optic (25M)219
3Ol’ Rich in Central VACustom Build 22LR – Volquartsen Receiver, Tactical Solutions match barrel, Leupold VX-3, 6.5 – 20 x 40mm204
Class 8 – Centerfire Rifle, Optic sights
1Ol’ Rich in Central VACustom Build AR style Rifle, Remington 6.8mm SPC with Schmidt Bender 5 – 25 X 56 Scope170
Class 9 – other
1Leon (France)Cz452 Varmint w/optic & BiPod (25M)355
2Mr. CCBCCSchultz & Larsen .22, bench183
3Danno.30 carbine, 4x scope @ 25 yds, bench163
4SonOfMariner1460Marlin 15YN, Iron sights, 25 yds, off bench159
5SonOfMariner1460Ruger 10/22, Iron sights, 25 yards off bench133

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