Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Choate PMAG Magazine Clamp

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We recently picked up a new product from Choate Machine and Tool at the SAR Show West in Phoenix Arizona this December.

Choate's newest offering is a magazine clamp for the enormously popular Magpul PMAG polymer magazines. It simply clamps two PMAGS together. The clamp is made up of a polymer center section with a steel front and rear sections, all held together with a long flathead bolt.

This magazine clamp feels substantial and looks like it is a quality product. It is hefty and looks overbuilt.

We tested this magazine clamp with two standard PMAGS. Fully loaded the two mags were of course over twice as heavy as a single mag, but the balance of a standard M4-style AR was not significantly negatively affected.

The PMAG magazines can be clamped up high, but not high enough to interfere with the magwell, or lower toward the bottom of the magazine.

We also performed some impromptu drop testing with the two fully loaded clamped PMAGs on the office floor and the magazines did tend to slide when subjected to this type of mistreatment, but they were still in the clamp solidly and did not move or rattle or slide inside the clamp once picked up off the floor.

Overall, at the $25 MSRP proposed price point, the Choate clamp represents a significant value, and the only option for clamping magazines for those using PMAGS. This clamp is far less expensive than the other options available for carrying two magazines at the ready, and this setup fits non-AR type guns, as well as non-standard AR-15 lowers.

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