Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dear Crimson Trace Customer:

Crimson Trace has received a small number of reports from consumers regarding the LG-442 Lasergrips for Bersa Thunder & Firestorm semi-auto pistols. When operated under normal firing conditions, the trigger transfer bar spring may disengage from its slot on the trigger transfer bar. The Lasergrips panel allows the spring to completely detach from the trigger transfer bar, thus disarming the trigger and rendering the gun inoperable.

No injuries have been reported, but Crimson Trace is committed to designing and manufacturing products that will not interfere with the operation of a firearm and thus is initiating a 100% recall of all units produced. The LG-442 grip design has been modified to prevent this from occurring.

Please Note: This issue is limited only to the LG-442, and does not pertain to any other Crimson Trace product.

Customers have the option of choosing a new LG-442 unit in exchange for their defective one, or they may choose another Crimson Trace laser sight model of equivalent value, once the defective unit has been returned to Crimson Trace.

Customers should contact Crimson Trace to receive a return authorization and instructions on how to execute the no-cost recall:

Telephone 1 (800) 442-2406
Email LG442recall@crimsontrace.com
Fax 1 (503) 783-5334

Crimson Trace regrets any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Nate Hoke
Customer Service Director

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